Monday, 19 September 2011

Small Business Ideas - How To Market

How do I market my small business?

"How do I market my small business?" you ask.

The simple answer is: Not like your father did. The old one way broadcast marketing is now very much a two way communication. Your customers want you to be involved in finding out how you can solve their problems.

Marketing has gone 2.0.  That means social and that is GOOD NEWS for small business owners.

With the great Social Media tools that are available to us today for a very small cost  we can connect with our customers like we never have before.

One example is ENTERTAINING VIDEO. Here is an example of combining creativity with low cost video production to produce  an effective marketing piece.

To find out more about new low cost marketing for today's customer visit

Monday, 16 May 2011

PEI Online Marketing Daily

Driving to PEI

Hi to all of our PEI Online Marketing readers,

We wanted to introduce you to our online daily paper. "PEI Online Marketing Daily". The content is drawn from the Twitter feeds that we follow. The paper is published online daily in five languages.

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Monday, 9 May 2011


Divers Quarters sign in Hazelbrook PEI

Hi to all of our PEI Online Marketing Friends, Fans and Followers,

How do you talk to the people of the world? Use a sign! Almost every business out there has a sign. Many of the signs used by small local business today are the type where you can put up a custom message and change it whenever you like. (like the one in the picture)

You know big businesses like Wendy's, Subway and MacDonalds. Also small local businesses like the tire shop, the hardware store or the bakery.

The problem is, what these businesses put up on these signs, like, "Greatest thing since sliced bread" "We've got your tires"  and "Apartment for rent"

Are these signs effective? Well when 97% of prospective customers are searching online for their products and services it kinda makes you wonder. Maybe that is why those signs only get changed once a month or less on average.

Flash! - That sign is one great piece of advertising real estate to catch your prospects eye and tell them where they can connect with you online. In the picture, for example Diver's Quarters in Hazelbrook, P.E.I. is letting people interested in learning to dive know that they can connect online to learn more. It only takes a glance to read this sign. "LEARN TO DIVE DIVERS QUARTERS.COM  E LEARNING" tells the prospect that he can learn about learning to dive at the website "" simple eh.

From their webpage there is a link to their "Facebook Personal Friend Page". Once the interested prospect becomes a friend on Facebook, Diver's Quarters has CONNECTED with an interested prospetive customer.

Now they can use online tools like a Divers Quarters Blog, Facebook Groups, Fanpages and Twitter to stay connected 24/7 365 days per year.

There is power in what you put on your sign. Even this little sign by the side of a busy highway surrounded with various distracting pieces of stuff. If you would like to know more just leave a question or a comment below.

And Yes we ARE on Facebook. "PEI ONLINE MARKETING"  We are also on "TWITTER" and we have our blog that you are reading now. So PLEASE "Like", "Friend" or "Follow" us online to stay connected and up to date with all the latest on online marketing.

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

So...Your On Facebook.... Now What?

A new face to online marketing

Hi to all of our PEI Online Marketing readers,

We love to see these signs! Yes we like the signs of Spring with the opening of the local garden center. But, we also like that the owner is using Facebook to promote his business.

This is a new trend and one that we will see a lot more of in future.Why?

Because, the power of social networking is so much more powerful than the traditional ways that local businesses market to their customer. If you are using medias such as T.V., radio, yellow pages, newspapers or magazines you may be noticing that they are expensive and they don't work. Simply, your customers are using the Internet. Now  they have netbooks and smart phones and they are using them to connect with their friends and search online for whatever product or service they happen to need at any particular point in time.

The trend has begun because these powerful tools are available almost everywhere. They are low cost and fun.

Do you have a local business and are you beginning to see the light of online marketing? Where will you turn to get the help you need to make online marketing happen for you?

We have created the PEI Online Marketing team because we know that businesses just like you need help.

There is more to online marketing than just setting up a Facebook account. You need a strategic plan, a plan that involves all of the key tools working together to build a following of interested customers that will support your business in the short and long term. If you want more customers and sales then you need to learn more.

We are always happy to help. Just let us know that you would like to talk. (no obligation, just leave a comment and we will make ourselves available at your convenience)

We will post again soon,

Thursday, 14 April 2011

How To Hire An Online Marketer

Welcome off line business owner,

Have you thought about hiring an online marketer? 

This post is for you, as you realize that the traditional types of advertising for your business are just not as successful as they once were. Radio, T.V. newspapers, magazines and Yellow Pages don't produce the results they once did.. So, what to do? You can continue to budget the same dollars for traditional adds but you know that more and more people are searching for products and services on the Internet.with Search engines, Social Networks, Blackberries and iPhones.

You are a professional in your field but marketing was never one of the subjects that was taught in your trade. Now with the Internet and all, how are you supposed to reach your customers? Where can you turn?

It sounds like you may need the services of an On Line Marketer. One that can get your business in front of targeted customers eyes in the search engines and keep it there. One who understands your business and knows how to use the Internet tools like Social Networks, Google Maps and Mobile Computing to get your business not only online but online in places where your customers are.

PEI Online Marketing would like to extend a helping hand. We have prepared a brief guide to help you find an online marketer that can do all that you need while working with you and your business at the same time.  The guide is FREE and available to you simply by clicking on the link below. You don't even need to type in your email address. Just click the link to get our handy guide.

Grab your FREE "HowTo Hire An On Line Marketer"  Guide


as a BONUS  we are giving to you a copy of Erin Bury's "Community Manager Job Description"

Download and print both of these documents. You may even want to install them in their very own binder for easy reference as you begin to get your head around the type of people that you will need to help you make your business succeed in the new online marketing world.

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